Paper: Pedagogically Useful Extractive Summaries for Science Education

ACL ID C08-1023
Title Pedagogically Useful Extractive Summaries for Science Education
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

This paper describes the design and evaluation of an extractive summarizer for educational science content called COGENT. COGENT extends MEAD based on strategies elicited from an em- pirical study with science domain and in- structional design experts. COGENT identifies sentences containing pedagogi- cally relevant concepts for a specific sci- ence domain. The algorithms pursue a hybrid approach integrating both domain independent bottom-up sentence scoring features and domain-aware top-down fea- tures. Evaluation results indicate that COGENT outperforms existing summar- izers and generates summaries that closely resemble those generated by hu- man experts. COGENT concept invento- ries appear to also support the computa- tional identification of student miscon- ceptions about ea...