Paper: A Natural Language Processing Infrastructure For Turkish

ACL ID C04-1203
Title A Natural Language Processing Infrastructure For Turkish
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

We built an open-source software platform in- tended to serve as a common infrastructure that can be of use in the development of new applica- tions involving the processing of Turkish. The platform incorporates a lexicon, a morphological analyzer/generator, and a DCG parser/generator that translates Turkish sentences to predicate logic formulas, and a knowledge base frame- work. Several developers have already utilized the platform for a variety of applications, includ- ing conversation programs and an artificial per- sonal assistant, tools for automatic analysis of rhyme and meter in Turkish folk poems, a proto- type sentence-level translator between Albanian, Turkish, and English, natural language interfaces for generating SQL queries and JAVA code, as well as a text tagger used for col...