Paper: Contextual Processing Of Locative Prepositional Phrases

ACL ID C04-1198
Title Contextual Processing Of Locative Prepositional Phrases
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

This paper deals with contextual aspects of loca- tive preposition processing. Firstly, accordingly to a study on the referential behavior of the pronominal adverb ”y” in its locative uses, we show that static locative prepositions are functions, not only at the conceptual level (as shown in previous studies), but also from a contextual point of view. Such functions introduce new objects in the discourse context, that have to be taken into account in classical contex- tual processing tasks, such as reference resolution or question answering. Then, we show how these phe- nomena can fit into contextual formalisms like DRT and DPL.