Paper: A Multiple-Document Summarization System With User Interaction

ACL ID C04-1144
Title A Multiple-Document Summarization System With User Interaction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

We propose a multiple-document summa- rization system with user interaction. Our system extracts keywords from sets of docu- ments to be summarized and shows the key- words to a user on the screen. Among them, the user selects some keywords reflecting his/her needs. Our system controls the pro- duced summary by using these selected key- words. For evaluation of our method, we participated in TSC3 of NTCIR4 workshop by letting our system select 12 best key- words regarding scoring by the system. Our participated system attained the best per- formance in content evaluation among sys- tems not using sets of questions. Moreover, we evaluated effectiveness of user interac- tion in our system. With user interaction, our system attained both higher coverage and precision than that without user in...