Paper: Automated Induction Of Sense In Context

ACL ID C04-1133
Title Automated Induction Of Sense In Context
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

In this paper, we introduce a model for sense as- signment which relies on assigning senses to the contexts within which words appear, rather than to the words themselves. We argue that word senses as such are not directly encoded in the lexicon of the language. Rather, each word is associated with one or more stereotypical syntagmatic pat- terns, which we call selection contexts. Each selec- tion context is associated with a meaning, which can be expressed in any of various formal or com- putational manifestations. We present a formalism for encoding contexts that help to determine the semantic contribution of a word in an utterance. Further, we develop a methodology through which such stereotypical contexts for words and phrases can be identi ed from very large corpora, and sub- sequentl...