Paper: Discriminative Slot Detection Using Kernel Methods

ACL ID C04-1109
Title Discriminative Slot Detection Using Kernel Methods
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

Most traditional information extraction approaches are generative models that assume events exist in text in certain patterns and these patterns can be regenerated in various ways. These assumptions limited the syntactic clues being considered for finding an event and confined these approaches to a particular syntactic level. This paper presents a discriminative framework based on kernel SVMs that takes into account different levels of syntactic information and automatically identifies the appropriate clues. Kernels are used to represent certain levels of syntactic structure and can be combined in principled ways as input for an SVM. We will show that by combining a low level sequence kernel with a high level kernel on a GLARF dependency graph, the new approach outperformed a good rule-bas...