Paper: Improving Chronological Sentence Ordering By Precedence Relation

ACL ID C04-1108
Title Improving Chronological Sentence Ordering By Precedence Relation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

It is necessary to find a proper arrangement of sen- tences in order to generate a well-organized sum- mary from multiple documents. In this paper we de- scribe an approach to coherent sentence ordering for summarizing newspaper articles. Since there is no guarantee that chronological ordering of extracted sentences, which is widely used by conventional sum- marization system, arranges each sentence behind presupposed information ofthe sentence, weimprove chronological ordering by resolving antecedent sen- tences of arranged sentences. Combining the re- finement algorithm with topical segmentation and chronological ordering, we address our experiment to test the effectiveness of the proposed method. The results reveal that the proposed method improves chronological sentence ordering.