Paper: Browsing Help For A Faster Retrieval

ACL ID C04-1083
Title Browsing Help For A Faster Retrieval
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004
  • Eric Crestan (Sinequa, Ivry-sur-Seine France; University of Avignon, Avignon France)
  • Claude De Loupy (Sinequa, Ivry-sur-Seine France; University of Paris 10, Nanterre France)

In this paper, the search engine Intuition is described. It allows the user to navigate through the documents retrieved with a given query. Several “browse help” functions are provided by the engine and described here: conceptualisation, named entities, similar documents and entity visualization. They intend to “save the user’s time”. In order to evaluate the amount of time these features can save, an evaluation was made. It involves 6 users, 18 queries and the corpus is made of 16 years of the newspaper Le Monde. The results show that, with the different features, a user get faster to the needed information. fewer non-relevant documents are read (filtering) and more relevant documents are retrieved in less time.