Paper: Filtering Speaker-Specific Words From Electronic Discussions

ACL ID C04-1068
Title Filtering Speaker-Specific Words From Electronic Discussions
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

The work presented in this paper is the first step in a project which aims to cluster and sum- marise electronic discussions in the context of help-desk applications. The eventual objective of this project is to use these summaries to as- sist help-desk users and operators. In this pa- per, we identify features of electronic discus- sions that influence the clustering process, and offer a filtering mechanism that removes unde- sirable influences. We tested the clustering and filtering processes on electronic newsgroup dis- cussions, and evaluated their performance by means of two experiments: coarse-level cluster- ing and simple information retrieval. Our eval- uation shows that our filtering mechanism has a significant positive effect on both tasks.