Paper: Machine-Assisted Rhetorical Structure Annotation

ACL ID C04-1061
Title Machine-Assisted Rhetorical Structure Annotation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

Manually annotating the rhetorical struc- ture of texts is very labour-intensive. At the same time, high-quality automatic analysis is currently out of reach. We thus propose to split the manual annotation in two phases: the simpler marking of lexical connectives and their relations, and the more di cult decisions on overall tree structure. To this end, we developed an environment of two analysis tools and XML-based declarative resources. Our ConAno tool allows for e - cient, interactive annotation of connectives, scopes and relations. This intermediate re- sult is exported to O’Donnell’s ‘RST Tool’, which facilitates completing the tree struc- ture.