Paper: Creating A Finite-State Parser With Application Semantics

ACL ID C02-2026
Title Creating A Finite-State Parser With Application Semantics
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session project notes
Year 2002

Parsli is a finite-state (FS) parser which can be tailored to the lexicon, syntax, and semantics of a particular application using a hand-editable declarative lexicon. The lexicon is defined in terms of a lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar, which is subsequently mapped to a FS represen- tation. This approach gives the application de- signer better and easier control over the natural language understanding component than using an off-the-shelf parser. We present results using Parsli on an application that creates 3D-images from typed input. 1 Parsing and Application-Specific Semantics One type of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) application is exemplified by the database access problem: the user may type in free source language text, but the NLU component must map this text to a fixed s...