Paper: Cross Linguistic Phoneme Correspondences

ACL ID C02-2022
Title Cross Linguistic Phoneme Correspondences
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session project notes
Year 2002

Cross-linguistic phoneme correspondences, or meta- phonemes1, can be defined across languages which are relatively closely related in exactly the same way as cor- respondences can be defined for dialects, or accents, of a single language (e.g. O’Connor, 1973; Fitt, 2001). In this paper we present the theory of metaphonemes, compar- ing them with traditional archi- and morphophonemes as well as with similar work using “keysymbols” done for accents of English. We describe the metaphoneme inven- tory defined for Dutch, English and German, comparing the results for vowels and consonants. We also describe some of the unexpected information that arose from the analysis of cognate forms we undertook to find the meta- phoneme correspondences.