Paper: Context-Sensitive Electronic Dictionaries

ACL ID C02-2015
Title Context-Sensitive Electronic Dictionaries
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session project notes
Year 2002

This paper introduces a context-sensitive electronic dictionary that provides transla- tions for any piece of text displayed on a computer screen, without requiring user in- teraction. This is achieved through a process of three phases: text acquisition from the screen, morpho-syntactic analysis of the context of the selected word, and the dic- tionary lookup. As with other similar tools available, this program usually works with dictionaries adapted from one or more prin- ted dictionaries. To implement context sen- sitive features, however, traditional diction- ary entries need to be restructured. By split- ting up entries into smaller pieces and in- dexing them in a special way, the program is able to display a restricted set of information that is relevant to the context. Based on the i...