Paper: Machine Translation Based On NLG From XML-DB

ACL ID C02-2009
Title Machine Translation Based On NLG From XML-DB
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session project notes
Year 2002

The purpose of this study is to propose a new method for machine translation. Wehave proceeded through with two projects for report generation (Kittredge and Polguere, 2000) : Weather Forecast and Monthly Economic Re- port to be produced in four languages : En- glish, Japanese, French, and German. Their in- put data is stored in XML-DB. We applied a three-stage pipelined architecture (Reiter and Dale, 2000), and each stage was implemented as XML transformation processes. Weregard XML stored data as language-neutral interme- diate form and employ the so-called `sublan- guage approach' (Somers, 2000). The machine translation process is implemented via XML- DB as a kind of interlingua approach instead of the conventional structure transfer approach.