Paper: Interactive Paraphrasing Based On Linguistic Annotation

ACL ID C02-2008
Title Interactive Paraphrasing Based On Linguistic Annotation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session project notes
Year 2002

We propose a method “Interactive Paraphras- ing” which enables users to interactively para- phrasewordsinadocumentbytheirdefinitions, making use of syntactic annotation and word sense annotation. Syntactic annotation is used for managing smooth integration of word sense definitionsintotheoriginaldocument,andword sense annotation for retrieving the correct word sense definition for a word in a document. In thisway, documentscanbeparaphrasedsothat they fit into the original context, preserving the semantics and improving the readability at the sametime. Noextralayer(window)isnecessary for showing the word sense definition as in con- ventional methods, and other natural language processing techniques such as summarization, translation, and voice synthesis can be easily applied to the...