Paper: Probabilistic Reasoning For Entity And Relation Recognition

ACL ID C02-1151
Title Probabilistic Reasoning For Entity And Relation Recognition
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

This paper develops a method for recognizing rela- tions and entities in sentences, while taking mutual dependencies among them into account. E.g., the kill (Johns, Oswald) relation in: “J. V. Oswald was murdered at JFK after his assassin, K. F. Johns...” depends on identifying Oswald and Johns as people, JFK being identified as a location, and the kill relation between Oswald and Johns; this, in turn, enforces that Oswald and Johns are people. In our framework, classifiers that identify entities and relations among them are first learned from local infor- mation in the sentence; this information, along with con- straints induced among entity types and relations, is used to perform global inference that accounts for the mutual dependencies among the entities. Our preliminary experiment...