Paper: Bringing The Dictionary To The User: The FOKS System

ACL ID C02-1140
Title Bringing The Dictionary To The User: The FOKS System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

The dictionary look-up of unknown words is partic- ularly difficult in Japanese due to the complicated writing system. We propose a system which allows learners of Japanese to look up words according to their expected, but not necessarily correct, reading. This is an improvement over previous systems which provide no handling of incorrect readings. In prepro- cessing, we calculate the possible readings each kanji character can take and different types of phonolog- ical and conjugational changes that can occur, and associate a probability with each. Using these prob- abilities and corpus-based frequencies we calculate a plausibility measure for each generated reading given a dictionary entry, based on the naive Bayes model. In response to a reading input, we calculate the plau- sibility of...