Paper: Recovering Latent Information In Treebanks

ACL ID C02-1126
Title Recovering Latent Information In Treebanks
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

Many recent statistical parsers rely on a preprocess- ing step which uses hand-written, corpus-specific rules to augment the training data with extra infor- mation. For example, head-finding rules are used to augment node labels with lexical heads. In this paper, we provide machinery to reduce the amount of human e ort needed to adapt existing models to new corpora: first, we propose a flexible notation for specifying these rules that would allow them to be shared by di erent models; second, we report on an experiment to see whether we can use Expectation- Maximization to automatically fine-tune a set of hand-written rules to a particular corpus.