Paper: Hierarchical Orderings Of Textual Units

ACL ID C02-1063
Title Hierarchical Orderings Of Textual Units
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

Text representation is a central task for any ap- proach to automatic learning from texts. It re- quires a format which allows to interrelate texts even if they do not share content words, but deal with similar topics. Furthermore, measur- ing text similarities raises the question of how to organize the resulting clusters. This paper presents cohesion trees (CT) as a data structure for the perspective, hierarchical organization of text corpora. CTs operate on alternative text representation models taking lexical organiza- tion, quantitative text characteristics, and text structure into account. It is shown that CTs realize text linkages which are lexically more homogeneous than those produced by minimal spanning trees.