Paper: Antonymy And Conceptual Vectors

ACL ID C02-1061
Title Antonymy And Conceptual Vectors
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

For meaning representations in NLP, we focus our attention on thematic aspects and concep- tual vectors. The learning strategy of concep- tual vectors relies on a morphosyntaxic analy- sis of human usage dictionary de nitions linked to vector propagation. This analysis currently doesn’t take into account negation phenomena. This work aims at studying the antonymy as- pects of negation, in the larger goal of its inte- gration into the thematic analysis. We present a model based on the idea of symmetry compat- ible with conceptual vectors. Then, we de ne antonymy functions which allows the construc- tion of an antonymous vector and the enumer- ation of its potentially antinomic lexical items. Finally, we introduce a measure which evaluates how a given word is an acceptable antonym for a te...