Paper: The Chinese Aspect System And Its Semantic Interpretation

ACL ID C02-1031
Title The Chinese Aspect System And Its Semantic Interpretation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

Motivated by a systematic representation of the Chinese aspect forms that explores their intrinsic semantics and temporal logical relations, we are constructing a Chinese aspect system network based on systemic functional grammar and implemented using the multilingual generator KPML. In this paper, we introduce the basic simple primary aspect forms and a set of secondary types of the unmarked-durative aspect in our Chinese aspect system, describe the semantic temporal relations of complex aspect in terms of temporal logic theories, and propose principled semantic conditions for aspect combination. Finally, we give a brief explanation of the system implementation. 1. Motivation Chinese aspect is a traditional area of research that has always brought up questions and confusion for both theo...