Paper: Structure Alignment Using Bilingual Chunking

ACL ID C02-1010
Title Structure Alignment Using Bilingual Chunking
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

A new statistical method called “bilingual chunking” for structure alignment is proposed. Different with the existing approaches which align hierarchical structures like sub-trees, our method conducts alignment on chunks. The alignment is finished through a simultaneous bilingual chunking algorithm. Using the constrains of chunk correspondence between source language (SL)1 and target language (TL), our algorithm can dramatically reduce search space, support time synchronous DP algorithm, and lead to highly consistent chunking. Furthermore, by unifying the POS tagging and chunking in the search process, our algorithm alleviates effectively the influence of POS tagging deficiency to the chunking result. The experimental results with English- Chinese structure alignment show that our mode...