Paper: Chinese Generation In A Spoken Dialogue Translation System

ACL ID C00-2174
Title Chinese Generation In A Spoken Dialogue Translation System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

A Chinese generation module in a speech to speech dialogue translation system is presented he:re. The input of the generation module is the underspecified semantic representation. Its design is strongly influenced by the underspecification of the inlmtS and the necessity of real-time and robust processing. We design an efficient generation system comprising a task-oriented microplanner and a general surface realization module for Chinese. The microplanner performs the lexical and syntactic choice and makes inferences fiOln the input and domain knowledge. The output of the microplanner is fully instantiated. This enables the surface realizer to traverse ltle input in a top-down, depth-first fashion, which in turn speeds the whole generation procedure. The surface realizer also combines the...