Paper: Incorporating Metaphonemes In A Multilingual Lexicon

ACL ID C00-2171
Title Incorporating Metaphonemes In A Multilingual Lexicon
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

English bed This paper describes a framework for multilingual /bEd/ inheritance-based lexical representation which al- rib lows sharing of information across languages at /rib/ all levels of linguistic description. The paper fo- hand cuses on phonology. It explores the possibility /hnd/ of establishing a phoneme inventory for a group cat of languages in which language-specific phonemes /kt/ function as "allophones" of newly defined recta- phonemes. Dutch, English, and German were taken as a test bed and their vowel phoneme inventories were studied. The results of the cross-linguistic analysis are presented in this paper. The paper con- cludes by showing how these metaphonelnes can be incorporated in a multilingual lexicon.