Paper: Acquisition Of A Language Computational Model For NLP

ACL ID C00-2168
Title Acquisition Of A Language Computational Model For NLP
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

specification of a language. Grossly sin-lplil~/ing and generalizing due to lack of space, one can state that these experiments are seldon-i comprehensive in coverage and their results ate not yet directly useful iri comprehensive applications, such as MT. 7 Al:quisitim~ of Syntax in Boas 2.1 Miethodolo~ies for Selection of Syntax Parameters In general, tile issue of the selection of parameters tbr grmnmar acquisition is one of the main problems tbr which there is rio single answer. Parameters applicable to more than one language are studied m the field of language universals as well as lhe principles-and- parameters ap[)roach (Chomsky 1981) arid its successors ((Tholnsky 1995). Widely devised as the ba:ds of universal granlmar, the principles-. and--parameters approach has Ibcused on the ...