Paper: Robust Semantic Construction

ACL ID C00-2166
Title Robust Semantic Construction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

Several daunting prol)lems had to be t'aced in tile design of the module. * This work was fimded by the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF) in the ti'amework of the Verbmobil Project under Grant 01 IV 1(}1 U. Many thanks are duc to M. Emele and the colleagues in Verbmobil. week( y ) next( y ) decl(~7] ) ~1 ~ maybe([~ ) / // should(el,~]) 1 into( e, y ) move(e, x ) pron(x) Figure 1: VIT for So maybe, u~'e should move, into idle next u,e, ek. Context-Free Input. The tree banks providing tile input structures (which have been built in the Verbmobil project) only encode contextfree trees to facilitate the training of a statistical parser. This means that non-local dependencies are either left out (e.g. topicalization in English) or treated by flatteni...