Paper: Querying Temporal Databases Using Controlled Natural Language

ACL ID C00-2161
Title Querying Temporal Databases Using Controlled Natural Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

Recent years have shown a surge in interest in temporal database systems, which allow users to store time-dependent intbrmation. We present a novel controlled natural language interface to temporal databases, based on translating nat- ural language questions into SQL/Telnporal, a temporal database query language. The syn- tactic analysis is done using the Type-Logical Grammar framework, highlighting its utility not; only as a theoretical fralnework but also as a practical tool. The semantic analysis is done using a novel theory of the semantics of tempo- ral questions, focusing on the role of temporal preposition phrases rather than the more tradi- tional focus on tense and aspect. Our transla- tion method is considerably simpler than pre- vious attempts in this direction. We present a pro...