Paper: ABL: Alignment-Based Learning

ACL ID C00-2139
Title ABL: Alignment-Based Learning
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

This ])al)er introdu(:es a new tyl)e of grammar learning algorithm, iilst)ired l)y sl;ring edit dis- tance (Wagner and Fis(:her, 1974). The algo- rithm takes a (:ortms of tlat S(~lltell(:es as input and returns a (:ortms of lat)elled, l)ra(:ket(~(1 sen-~ ten(:(~s. The method works on 1)airs of unstru(:- tllr(?(l SelltellC(~,s that have one or more words in (:onunon. W]lc, ll two senten('es are (tivided into parts that are the same in 1)oth s(mten(:es and parl;s tha|; are (litl'erent, this intbrmation is used to lind l)arl;s that are interchangeal)le. These t)arts are taken as t)ossil)le (:onstituents of the same tyl)e. After this alignment learning stel), the selection learning stc l) sel(~('ts the most l)rot)- at)le constituents from all 1)ossit)le (:onstituents. This m(;thod was used to ...