Paper: Multi-Topic Multi-Document Summarization

ACL ID C00-2129
Title Multi-Topic Multi-Document Summarization
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

Summarization of multiple documents featur- ing multiple topics is discussed. The exam- ple trea.ted here consists of fifty articles about the Peru hostage incident tbr ])ecember 1996 through April 1997. They include a. lot of top- ics such as opening, negotiation, ending, and so on. The method proposed in this paper is based on spreading activation over documents syntactically and semantically annotated with GI)A (Global l)ocument Annotation) tags. The method extracts important documents aald im- portant parts therein, and creates a network consisting of important entities and relations among them. It also identifies cross-document coreferences to replace expressions with more concrete ones. The method is essentially multi~ lingua] due to the language-independence of the GDA tagset. This ...