Paper: Making Sense Of Reference To The Unfamiliar

ACL ID C00-2112
Title Making Sense Of Reference To The Unfamiliar
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

C, omi)utational ai)proaches to reference resolu- tion, like Centering Theory, are best at resolv- ing referring expressions which denote familiar reD.rents. We demonstrate how, by t~king a proof-theoretic approach to reference resolution within a Centering-type framework, we are able to make sense of reti;rring expressions tbr un- familiar referents. These include, in addition to bridging descriptions, definite descripl;ions like "the first man" and "the first snowdrops of Spring". We claim that the first of these denotes a unique subset of a iflural discourse antecedent. While the second has no discourse antecedent, we similarly treat it as denoting a mfi(lue subset of a t'~nniliar referent.