Paper: Granularity Effects In Tense Translation

ACL ID C00-2103
Title Granularity Effects In Tense Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

In section 7 the actual disambiguation algorithm is presented, while section 8 describes its performance on the Verbmobil test data. A summary closes the paper. 2 Present or Future? In contrast to English, the German present tense is commonly used to describe both present and future happenings. One task in translation from German to English is therefore tile dismnbiguation of German/)resent tense to present time or future time. (1) present tense ~ future time -+ present time * This work was fimded by the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF) in the framework of the Verbmobil Project under Grant 01 IV 101 U. Many thanks are due to Profi H. Kamp attd K. Eberle. All errors are my own. 2.1 Temporal Orientation A prominent factor involved in the choice be...