Paper: Unscrambling English Word Order

ACL ID C00-2096
Title Unscrambling English Word Order
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

We propose a treatment of 'extraposition' which allows items to be assimilated directly even when they at)pear far from their canonical positions. This treatnmnt supports analyses of a number of phenom- ena which are otherwise hard to describe. The ap- 1)roach requires a generalisation of standard chart i)arsing techniques. 1 Extraposition in English It is widely accei)ted that sentences such as 1 I saw the girl wh, o your tnvther said h,e fancied. 2 The soup was OK, but th, e main course I th, ought was awful. involvc items ('who', 'the mai'a, eoursc') being found far away from their normal i)ositions (as the com- plement of 'fancied' and the subject of 'was a@d'). It seems likely that; the modifiers 'in the parle' and "with, all my heart' in 3 l>n the park I met Arthur. 4 I bclievcd with...