Paper: Planning Texts By Constraint Satisfaction

ACL ID C00-2093
Title Planning Texts By Constraint Satisfaction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

A method is de.scribed by which a rhetorical- structure tree can be realized by a text structure made up of sections, paragraphs, sentences, verti- cal lists, mid other textual patterns, with discourse connectives added (in the correct positions) to mark rhetorical relations. We show that text-structuring can be formulated as a Constraint Satisfaction Prob- lem, so that all solutions rest)ecting constraints on text-structure formation and structu,'al compatibil- ity can be efficiently generated. Of the many sohl- tions generated by this method, some are stylisti- cally preferable to others; we show how further con- straints can be applied in order to select the best versions. Finally, we discuss some extensions such as the generation of indented text structures.