Paper: Data-Oriented Translation

ACL ID C00-2092
Title Data-Oriented Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000
  • Arjen Poutsma (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam The Netherlands)

In this allicle, we present a statistical approach to machine translation that is based on Data-Oriented Parsing: l)ata-Oriented Translation (DOT). In DOT, we use linked subtree lmirs for creating a derivation of a source sentence. Each linked subhee pair has a certain probability, and consists of two trees: one in the source language and one in the target lan- guage. When a derbation has been formed with these subtree pairs, we can create a translation from this deriwition. Since there are typically many dif- ferent derivations of tile same sentence in the source language, there can be as many dilTemnt translations for it. The probability of a translation can be calcu- lated as the total probability of all tile derivations that form this translation. We give the computa- tional aspects fo...