Paper: Hybrid Neuro And Rule-Based Part Of Speech Taggers

ACL ID C00-1074
Title Hybrid Neuro And Rule-Based Part Of Speech Taggers
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

A hybrid system R)r tagging part of speech is descril)ed that consists of a neuro tagger and a rule-based correcter. The neuro tagger is an initia.1--state a.nnotator tha.t uses difl'ertnt h_,,ngths of contexts based on longe, st context l)ri- ority. Its inputs weighted 1)y information gains tha.t are obtained by information ma.xi- mization. The rule-1)ased correcter is construct- ed by a. sol; of trm~sfc)rma.tion rules to Ul) for the shortcomings o[' the nou17o tagger. Corn- puter experiments show that ahnost 20% of the errors by the neuro tagger correct- ed by the, st trans[orma.tion rules, so tha.t the hybrid system ca.n reach a.n a, of 95.5% counting only the ambiguous words and 99.1% counting all words when a. small Thai corpus with 22,311 a mbig;uous wo...