Paper: Pronominalization Revisited

ACL ID C00-1045
Title Pronominalization Revisited
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

Pronolninalization has been related to tile idea of a local focus - a set of discourse entities in the speaker's centre of attention, for exmnple ill Gundel et al. (1993)'s givenness hierarchy or in centering theory. Both accounts say that the determination of tile tbcus depends on syntac- tic as well as pragmatic factors, but have not been able to pin those factors down. In this paper, we uncover the major factors which de- termine the focus set in descriptive texts. This new tbcus definition has been ew, luated with re- spect to two corporm museum exhibit labels, mid newspaper mtieles. It provides an opera- tionalizable basis for pronoun production, and has been implemented as the reusable module gnome-np. The algorithm l)ehind gnome-np is conlpared with the most recent pronoun gener- at...