Paper: XML And Multilingual Document Authoring: Convergent Trends

ACL ID C00-1036
Title XML And Multilingual Document Authoring: Convergent Trends
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

Typical al)proaches to XML authoring view a XML doc- urnent as a mixture of structure (the tags) and surlhce (texl between the tags). We advoeale a radical approach where the surface disappears from lhe XML documenl altogether to be handled exclusively by rendering mech- anisms. This move is based on the view that the author's choices when authoring XML docutnciHs are best seen as language-i~eutral semantic decisions, that lhe SlftlC- lure can then be viewed as inlerlingual content, and that the textual oulpul should be derived from this co)lien[ by language-sl~ecific realization mechanisms, lhus assimi- lating XML aufllol'ing lo Mullilingual Document Amhof ing. However, slandard XMI, tools have imporlant lhni- tations when used for such a ptu'pose: (1) they are weak at propagating semanli...