Paper: Theory Refinement And Natural Language Learning

ACL ID C00-1034
Title Theory Refinement And Natural Language Learning
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

This 1)aI)er l)resents a learning system for identify- ing synta(:tie structures. This system relies on the use of backgromld knowledge an(1 default wflues in order to buihl utl an initial grammar and the use of theory retiimlnent in order to iml)rove this granunar. This contbilmtion provides a good machine learning fl:amework for Natural Lmlguage Learning. We il- lustrate this 1)oint with the 1)resentation of ALLiS, a learlfiug system which generates a regular ext)res- sion grmnmar of non-recursive phrases fi'om brack- eted corpora.