Paper: Morphological Rule Induction For Terminology Acquisition

ACL ID C00-1032
Title Morphological Rule Induction For Terminology Acquisition
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

We 1)res(;111; the identiti(:ation in corl)Ol"a of th:elM1 relatio11M adjectives (RAdj) such as gazc'uz (gaseous) which is derived from the noun gaz (.(/as). RAdj at)t)earillg in nonlinal phras('s are int('resting tbr ternlinology acquisition 1)e- cause they 11ollt a llalning flnl(:tion. The (leriw> tio11M rules emt)loyed to (:omt)ute the nora1 front which has been deriv('(t the RAdj are a(xluired s('nli-mltonmti(:ally fronl n t~Gge(t and ~l leln- matize(t (:orl)ora. q'hesc rules are then integr;tt- ell into ~t t('~rmer whi('h i(h',ntifies IA(lj tlmnks to their 1)roi)el"ty of being paraphrasal)h; l)y a prepositionM phrase. RA(tj and comt)ound nouns which inchlde a IA(tj m'e 1;111;11 (tuanti- fled, their linguistic precision is lneasured and their iutbrmative status is e.vahl;Lted thnnks to...