Paper: Automated Generalization Of Translation Examples

ACL ID C00-1019
Title Automated Generalization Of Translation Examples
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

l~t:ovious work has shown thai adding gen- era.liza.tion of the in the corpus of a.n machine tra.nsla.tion (I'31LMT) system ea, n reduce 1;he re(ltfire.d amount o[' pre- tra.nsla.ted text l)y as [iltl(;]l }is a.ii order o[' magnitude for Spa.nish-l';nglish and l,'rench- l~;nglish I+',I~Mrl '. Using word clusto.t:itlg to toma.ticaJly generalize the example eorl>uS ca.n provide the majority o[' this inlprovement for l,'rench-l'hlglish wil;h no nlanuaI illtervelltioll; the prior work required a. la.rge I)iliugual dic- lionary ta.gged wil;}l 1)a.rls of speech aud the manual crea.tion of gl'.%llllll.:ll" rules. /~y seeding the clustering with a. small a.mou nt of manually- crea.ted iM'orma.tion, even t)el;ter t)erl'ornla.nce ea.n be a.chieved. This pa...