Paper: The Use Of Instrumentation In Grammar Engineering

ACL ID C00-1018
Title The Use Of Instrumentation In Grammar Engineering
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

This paper explores the usefltllmss of a technique from software engineering, (:ode instrumentation, tbr the developlnent of large-scale natural language grammars, hltbrlnation about the usage of graln- mar rules in test and corpus sentences is used to ilnprove grammar and testsuite, as well as adapting a grammar to a specific genre. Results show that less than half of a large-coverage grmnmar for German is actually tested by two large testsuites, and that 10 30% of testing time is redundant. This method- ology applied can be seen as a re-use of grammar writing knowledge for testsuite compilation. The construction of genre-specific grmmnars results in peribrmance gains of a factor of four.