Paper: Probabilistic Parsing And Psychological Plausibility

ACL ID C00-1017
Title Probabilistic Parsing And Psychological Plausibility
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

Given the recent evidence for prot)abilistic mechanisms in models of hmnan aml)iguity res- olution, this paper investigates the plausibil- ity of exl)loiting current wide-coverage, 1)rob- al)ilistic 1)arsing techniques to model hmnan linguistic t)ert'orman(:e. In l)arl.i(:ulm ', we in- vestigate the, t)crforlnance of stan(tar(l stoclms- tic parsers when they arc revis(;(l to el)crate incrementally, and with reduced nlenlory re- sources. We t)resent techniques for ranking and filtering mlMyses, together with exl)erimen- tal results. Our results confirm that stochas- tic parsers which a(lhere to these 1)sy('hologi- cally lnotivated constraints achieve goo(l l)er- f()rman(:e. Memory cast t)e reduce(t (lown to 1% ((:Oml)are(l to exhausitve search) without re- ducing recall an(l 1)rox:ision. A(...