Paper: The Effects Of Analysing Cohesion On Document Summarisation

ACL ID C00-1012
Title The Effects Of Analysing Cohesion On Document Summarisation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

We argue that in general, the analysis of lexical co- hesion factors in a document can drive a summarizer, as well as enable other content characterization tasks. More narrowly, this paper focuses on how one particular cohesion factol~simple lexical repetition--can enhance an existing sentence extraction summarizer, by enabling strategies for overcoming some particularly jarring end- user effects in the summaries, typically due to coher- ence degradation, readability deterioration, and topical under-representation. Lexical repetition is instrumental to, among other things, the topical make-up of a text, and in our framework a lexical repetition-based model of dis- course segmentation, capable of detecting topic shifts, is integrated with a linguistically-aware summarizer utiliz- ing notion...