Paper: An Empirical Evaluation Of LFG-DOP

ACL ID C00-1010
Title An Empirical Evaluation Of LFG-DOP
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000
  • Rens Bod (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam The Netherlands)

This paper presents an empirical assessment of the LFG- DOP model introduced by Bed & Kaplan (1998). The parser we describe uses fragments l'rom LFG-aunotated sentences to parse new sentences and Monte Carlo techniques to compute the most probable parse. While our main goal is to test Bed & Kaplan's model, we will also test a version of LFG-DOP which treats generalized fragments as previously unseen events. Experiments with the Verbmobil and Itomecentre corpora show that our version of LFG-DOP outperforms Bed & Kaplan's model, and that LFG's functional information improves the parse accuracy of Iree structures.