Paper: Incremental Identification Of Inflectional Types

ACL ID C00-1008
Title Incremental Identification Of Inflectional Types
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

We present an al)proach to the increnmntal ac- crual of lexical int'ornmtion fl)r unknown words t;hat is consl;raint-based and conll)atil)le with s(.andard unification-liased granlnmrs. All;hough the tech- niques are language-ind(:l)en(lent and can l)('. al)plied to all kinds of informal;ion, ill (;his 1)al)er we concen- (;rate on the domain of German noun intl('ction. We show how morl)hological intbrnm.tion, est)ecially in- flectional class, is successfully acquired using a tyl)e- based HPSG-like analysis. 15lrthernlore, we sketch an alternative strategy which nmkes use of finite.- sl;ate (;rans(lucers.