Paper: Selectional Restrictions In HPSG

ACL ID C00-1003
Title Selectional Restrictions In HPSG
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2000
  • Ion Androutsopoulos (Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, National Centre for Scientific Research モDEMOKRITOSヤ, Athens Greece)
  • Robert Dale (Macquarie University, Sydney Australia)

Selectional restrictions arc semantic sortal con- straints ilnposed on the particil)ants of lin- guistic constructions to capture contextually- dependent constraints on interpretation. De- spite their linfitations, selectional restrictions have t)roven very useflfl in natural bmguage ap- pli('ations, where they have been used frequently in word sense disambiguation, syntactic disam- biguation, and anaphora resolution. Given their practical wtlue, we explore two methods to in- corporate selectional restrictions in the HPSG theory, assuming that the reader is familiar with HPSG. The first method eml)loys ItPSG~S BACK- GROUND feature and a constraint-satisfaction comt)onent t)il)e-lined after the parser. The second method uses subsorts of retbrential in- dices, and 1)locks readings that viola...