Paper: A Spoken Language Interface To A Virtual Reality System (Video)

ACL ID A97-2021
Title A Spoken Language Interface To A Virtual Reality System (Video)
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

input functions. Language, however, is ideally suited to abstract manipulations; it is also the most natu- ral form of communication for humans, and does not require the use of one's hands or eyes. It is especially useful for controlling things that do not have a phys- ical presence in the VE, such as object scale, display characteristics, and time. It also provides a pow- erful means to access the knowledge that underlies the VE by allowing the user to ask questions of the system. Using speech output in combination with speech recognition helps to avoid the use of textual displays which can be difficult to read on immer- sire presentation equipment, and which can interfere with the user's view and the "reality" of the virtual world. The prototype system shown in this film uses off-the-she...