Paper: A Workbench For Finding Structure In Texts

ACL ID A97-1054
Title A Workbench For Finding Structure In Texts
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

In this paper we report on a set of compu- tational tools with (n)SGML pipeline data flow for uncovering internal structure in natural language texts. The main idea be- hind the workbench is the independence of the text representation and text analysis phases. At the representation phase the text is converted from a sequence of char- acters to features of interest by means of the annotation tools. At the analysis phase those features are used by statistics gath- ering and inference tools for finding signifi- cant correlations in the texts. The analysis tools are independent of particular assump- tions about the nature of the feature-set and work on the abstract level of feature- elements represented as SGML items.