Paper: Mixed-Initiative Development Of Language Processing Systems

ACL ID A97-1051
Title Mixed-Initiative Development Of Language Processing Systems
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

Historically, tailoring language processing systems to specific domains and languages for which they were not originally built has required a great deal of effort. Recent advances in corpus-based manual and automatic training methods have shown promise in reducing the time and cost of this porting process. These developments have focused even greater attention on the bottleneck of acquiring reliable, manually tagged training data. This paper describes a new set of integrated tools, collectively called the Alembic Workbench, that uses a mixed-initiative approach to "bootstrapping" the manual tagging process, with the goal of reducing the overhead associated with corpus development. Initial empirical studies using the Alembic Workbench to annotate "named entities" demonstrates that this appr...