Paper: Software Infrastructure For Natural Language Processing

ACL ID A97-1035
Title Software Infrastructure For Natural Language Processing
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

We classify and review current approaches to software infrastructure for research, de- velopment and delivery of NLP systems. The task is motivated by a discussion of current trends in the field of NLP and Lan- guage Engineering. We describe a sys- tem called GATE (a General Architecture for Text Engineering) that provides a soft- ware infrastructure on top of which het- erogeneous NLP processing modules may be evaluated and refined individually, or may be combined into larger application systems. GATE aims to support both re- searchers and developers working on com- ponent technologies (e.g. parsing, tagging, morphological analysis) and those work- ing on developing end-user applications (e.g. information extraction, text sum- marisation, document generation, machine translation, and seco...